Origami Book

The Complete Book of Origami: Step-by Step Instructions in Over 1000 Diagrams
by: Robert J. Lang
publisher: Dover Publications, published: 1989-01-01
ASIN: 0486258378
EAN: 9780486258379
sales rank: 28729
price: $7.00 (new), $5.00 (used)


Create nearly 40 striking paper figures with clear, step-by-step instructions and helpful diagrams. Features simple to advanced objects: cube, parrot, rabbit, seagull, cuckoo clock, rocket, mouse, elephant, violinist, Viking ship, and many more.

Easy Origami
by: John Montroll
publisher: Dover Publications, published: 1992-10-05
ASIN: 0486272982
EAN: 9780486272986
sales rank: 2356
price: $0.94 (new), $0.51 (used)


A collection of 32 projects for novice origami hobbyists, clearly illustrated with easy-to-follow instructions that even beginning papercrafters can follow with successful results. Subjects range from an ultra-simple hat, cup, and pinwheel to the more challenging figures of a penguin and a piano.

Beginner's Book of Modular Origami Polyhedra: The Platonic Solids (Beginner's Book Of… (Dover Publications))
by: Rona Gurkewitz
publisher: Dover Publications, published: 2008-06-11
ASIN: 0486461726
EAN: 9780486461724
sales rank: 11107
price: $2.92 (new), $2.84 (used)


This book by an expert presents a clear, concise introduction to the special techniques for creating complex polyhedra models. Based on the classic Platonic solids, these 17 projects are appropriate for folders at all levels. Step-by-step diagrams offer detailed views of the models' assembly, and photos depict completed models.


Absolute Beginner's Origami
by: Nick Robinson
publisher: Potter Craft, published: 2006-05-01
ASIN: 0823000729
EAN: 9780823000722
sales rank: 12787
price: $7.38 (new), $7.77 (used)

By following the foolproof methods set out in this instructional, even those who have never tried this intriguing craft before will soon find themselves able to turn out sophisticated origami pieces. Includes 200 color illustrations, ten sheets of origami paper and ten sheets of practice paper.

Origami Fun Kit for Beginners (Dover Fun Kit)
by: Dover
publisher: Dover Publications, published: 2003-06-11
ASIN: 0486432920
EAN: 9780486432922
sales rank: 11427
price: $7.93 (new), $6.49 (used)


This affordable kit includes everything needed by beginners to master the age-old art of paperfolding.
• 3 great starter books
• 55 fun-to-do projects
• Over 1,000 easy-to-follow illustrations
• 96 sheets of authentic origami paper in traditional vibrant hues, rainbow patterns, and metallic colored foils

Origami in Action : Paper Toys That Fly, Flap, Gobble, and Inflate
by: Robert J. Lang
publisher: St. Martin's Griffin, published: 1997-05-15
ASIN: 0312156189
EAN: 9780312156183
sales rank: 26530
price: $10.76 (new), $6.77 (used)


Every project in the book can really move! Origami in Action presents 39 actions origami models that are as animated as they are exquisite. Each project is complete with clear step-by-step diagrams, instructions, and a photograph of the finished model. Included are such traditional favorites as the cootie catcher and the waterbomb, as well as some modern novelties–a strumming guitar player and a toothy Tyrannosaurus Rex. Other projects include: –Flapping Butterfly
–Blow-up Bunny
–Barking Wolf
–Talking Dragon
–Wagging-Tail Doggie
–Swimming Manatee
–Indian Paddling a Canoe

Origami Zoo: An Amazing Collection of Folded Paper Animals
by: Robert J. Lang
publisher: St. Martin's Griffin, published: 1990-06-15
ASIN: 0312040156
EAN: 9780312040154
sales rank: 93521
price: $11.68 (new), $9.13 (used)


In Origami Zoo, two of the world's finest paper folders present an exciting collection of original origami animals. Their creatures, ranging from the exotic to the familiar, the elegant to the whimsical, will both inspire the beginner and challenge the most accomplished folder.


Choose among the dolphin, penguin, swan, owl, goose, kangaroo, praying mantis, or even the mythical Pegasus or extinct wooly mammoth. Each of these thirty-seven new projects is true origami-folded from a single piece of paper with no cutting or gluing-and is complete with clear step-by-step diagrams, instructions, and a photograph of the finished model.

Origami Zoo will challenge and delight anyone with a penchant for creating something wonderful out of (almost) nothing.

Genuine Origami: 43 Mathematically-Based Models, From Simple to Complex
by: Jun Maekawa
publisher: Japan Publications Trading, published: 2008-11-01
ASIN: 4889962514
EAN: 9784889962512
sales rank: 363767
price: $56.81 (new), $44.99 (used)

Like his counterpart in the U.S., prominent origami artist and scientist Robert J. Lang, Jun Maekawa approaches origami from the perspective of mathematical and geometric principles. In Genuine Origami, Maekawa takes readers, step-by-step, through the fundamentals of his method, beginning with the basics and guiding them through simple figures (a mouse, an elephant, Santa Claus) all the way up to such highly sophisticated models as his signature creations, the devil and the peacock.

The 43 different models are grouped into five sections, including one chapter on the ABCs, three which present projects in order of increasing difficulty (Simple, Intermediate and Complex), and one called Varieties of Origami, which reveals how to use different kinds of papers and techniques. In addition to the folding instructions and diagrams, Maekawa explains the mathematical theory behind each project.

An intriguing blend of art and science, Genuine Origami will allow newcomers to discover the pleasures of folding at the same time that it enables beginners and experts alike to learn clever, surprising and elegant sequences to produce exceptional results.

Money Origami Kit: Make the Most of Your Dollar!
by: Michael LaFosse
publisher: Tuttle Publishing, published: 2009-04-20
ASIN: 0804840261
EAN: 9780804840262
sales rank: 130056
price: $9.62 (new), $7.48 (used)


Includes instructional DVD.


Need a snazzy new idea for a gift, or trying to make a great first impression? Try folding some amazing origami out of a dollar bill and watch the reaction! Money Origami is a fun and creative book full of unusual origami designs specific to the dollar bill. Imagine the response if you gave a dollar bill butterfly to your girlfriend, or a talking ape to your boss. With twenty-one projects, and lots of ôdollarö practice sheets, Money Origami is sure to be a hit!

Advanced Origami: An Artist's Guide to Performances in Paper
by: Michael G. LaFosse
publisher: Tuttle Publishing, published: 2005-07-15
ASIN: 0804836507
EAN: 9780804836500
sales rank: 48980
price: $14.16 (new), $14.15 (used)


Advanced Origami provides unparalleled instruction in how to create master-class level paper folding projects. The origami designs are challenging-they require considerable folding experience-but the results are more art than craft-you'll create projects that you can display or give as gifts.


Sophisticated origami or paper crafts fans will appreciate the ten unique origami designs included in the book–with complete how-to instructions and photographs.

The book also features information on paper selection and preparation, advance techniques such as "wet folding," and making your own paper.