Origami Paper

Melissa & Doug Origami Paper
publisher: Melissa & Doug
EAN: 0000772041294
sales rank: 791
price: $3.43 (new)

Our exceptional arts and crafts materials offer countless opportunities for creativity at great prices! With crayons, paints, specialty papers, marker sets and craft scissors, it's easy to express your artistic side!

Aitoh Origami Paper – Washi Chiyogami Designs Assortment – 5-7/8"
publisher: Aitoh
EAN: 0762867110246
sales rank: 125
price: $12.95 (new)

Add more color to your origami with this mega pack of brightly colored and designed washi chiyogami paper. Four designs in 3 colors each and another four designs in 2 colors each. Aitoh Origami Paper folds and creases perfectly for all your origami creations. 200 Sheet Pkg., 6" Squares. Non-toxic.

Washi Style Origami Paper, 120 sheets #N8383
publisher: Daiyo
EAN: 4975043601650
sales rank: 743
price: $12.95 (new)

Assorted designs and colorful patterned origami paper for your origami or craft needs! Package of 120 sheets of 6 inch square paper with assorted Japanese designs! 30 different designs in a variety of colors in an easy to use size.

publisher: ROYLCO INC.
EAN: 0066960152043
sales rank: 1987
price: $4.50 (new)

Economy Origami Paper

Origami Folding Paper in Assorted Colors, 500 Sheets approximately 6 Inches Square
publisher: AITOH CO.,LLC
EAN: 0762867010454
sales rank: 515
price: $21.95 (new)

500 sheets of origami paper in approximately 18 assorted colors including gold and silver metallic paper. Each sheet is approximately 6 inches square, actual is 5 7/8 inches square Includes explanations of origami symbols and folding techniques constructed by Kunihiko Kasahara. Non-toxic colors and made in japan.

Origami Paper, 1000 mini sheets #N8211
publisher: North American
ASIN: B001B6AH14
EAN: 4907756000260
sales rank: 445
price: $10.95 (new)

Origami paper in 2 7/8 inch squares for your small origami work! This multi colored box has 1000 pieces of origami paper in 12 different colors.

Harmony Boxed Set of Origami Paper (200 Sheets)
publisher: Aitoh
EAN: 4901161010227
sales rank: 295
price: $14.99 (new)

Harmony Boxed Set of Origami Paper…These origami sheets feature colorful patterns that fade in and out on each sheet. One side of each sheet has a bright multicolor design. The other side is white (when originally released the papers in this set had contrasting colors on the back- the newest version of this pack has sheets that are white on the back). There are 25 different color combinations and a total of 200 sheets per pack. The whole set of paper comes in a colorful box for easy storage. The folding possibilities with these sheets are endless! Bright beautiful colors for origami projects bookmaking and scrapbooking! Imported from Japan. Each sheet is 5-7/8" square.

Origami Colored Paper Assortments – Colored Paper Assortment #1
sales rank: 1650

Includes 55 sheets of assorted solid colors in three standard sizes: 29 sheets of 3-1/2 square (88 mm) 18 sheets of 4-1/2 square (114 mm) 8 sheets of 5-7/8 square (150 mm)

Origami Paper, Star Patterned Paper in an Assortment of Colors – 1005 sheets, 2.75 inch square
publisher: AITOH Co., LLC
EAN: 4901161012795
sales rank: 1215
price: $13.95 (new)

Origami Paper, Star Patterned Paper in an Assortment of Colors – 1005 sheets, 2.75 inch square

Origami Paper: 24 7 x 7 Sheets in 12 Colors
by: Dover
publisher: Dover Publications, published: 1991-10-30
ASIN: 0486268292
EAN: 9780486268293
sales rank: 5533
price: $1.35 (new), $1.28 (used)


High-quality Japanese origami paper is specially manufactured to resist tears and produce clean lines and crisp folds. Each sheet is colored on one side only to make it easier to understand the various folds. A sturdy shrink-wrapped folder keeps papers neat and clean until ready for use.


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